Revolutionize How You Carry Your Weapon

A new tactical, mobile-balanced weapon restraint system designed for assault rifles that seamlessly integrate an operator with their gear.

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Crafted from UV-resistant composite polymers, the case features a secure tightening hinge nut for effortless opening and closing, along with a versatile Tek Mount MOLLE connection system.

The case boasts an innovative finger crank mechanism that effortlessly opens and closes the case with minimal effort, even when gloved or in challenging environments.

Featuring two powerful 55-pound Neodymium magnets encased in durable Kevlar fabric, the strap provides a secure and reliable attachment to various surfaces. The integrated pull handle allows for effortless portability, making it easy to transport your gear wherever you go.

For comfortable and convenient carrying, the system features a durable aluminum Kong Frog quick clip with a swivel design that prevents twisting and tangles. The adjustable shoulder cable is crafted from high-quality black oxide anti-rust material, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to the elements.

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My name is Derrick Willard and I’m the creator of the Mantis.

As a former Marine I know the positive impact this product will have on military and law enforcement operators. The Mantis allows operators to keep their weapon at the ready at all times while also combating muscle fatigue making them more efficient for longer periods of time.